January 23, 2019

WANTED:YOU- Immediate Availability to Begin Living Your Best Life

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    These days life seems to come at us faster than ever before. We are expected to make quick decisions, be responsive, and keep up to speed on the ever-increasing amount of information and technology. Yet while we are trying to shave seconds off our schedules, are we missing the big picture?

    Our colleges and universities report that 50-70% of students will change their major at least once and most will change 3 times before completing a degree. Even when settling on an area of study and graduating, only 27% will actually have a job in theirspecific field of study.

    There areseveral key decision points along your career and life path. Connecting with your life’s purpose will help you navigate toward your innermost desires.

    Here’s how:

    1). Listen to your Gut

    It may sound clique but the reality is when something gives you life and more energy, keep moving in that direction. If a person, project or path seems to be draining you, move away from the source. The more you listen to this voice and hone in on your true calling, the louder and clearer your purpose will become.

    2). Look for Trends

    Give your gut a little help by employing some brain power. If you look over the major events in your life when opportunities arose at just the right time, maybe there were common trends and themes that began to emerge? Give these “coincidences” a little more credit, especially when these themes are beginning to align with a successful path towards your purpose,

    3). Ask the Universe for what you Want

    Meditate on having your purpose revealed to you and stay the course. Express gratitude for each area of learning that you visit. Making this meditative process a part of your daily routine will keep you close to your purpose every step of the way.

    4). Practice makes Purpose

    Along with the meditative practice to bring you into harmony with your purpose, a commitment to pursue your purpose ritualistically will ensure that you have a practice of focus for your life’s purpose. This is similar to compounded interest and will grow and multiply overtime.

    Remember to go back to #1 and stick with what feels right;and don’t let life’s obstacles and challenges get you off course – they’re simply a part of the game of life.

    These steps will have you thinking and generating the vibes that will bring you closer to your purpose. Watch as you begin gaining momentum at a surprising rate.

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