December 17, 2018

Tools for Making Meaningful Connections

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    How we meet and make new business connections and clients may have changed significantly, yet it still remains critical to the longevity of most small and large businesses alike.

    The standard operating procedure for making contacts and generating leads can vary significantly by industry. There are still a few human communication basics that continue to apply to meeting new people who may become important contacts in your business.

    One key networking tool to ensure you and every member of your team knows and keeps relevant is the 30 second elevator speech. Practice being able to quickly share your company’s vision and how it could be relevant to the person to whom you are speaking.

    Finding out what the contact may need requires question asking, listening, and hunting for how you may be able to help each other. Watch for non-verbal cues from your audience. Check this article on the 7 Key Components of a Perfect Elevator Pitch. Then practice your pitch often. And, of course, follow up by reaching out to connect on LinkedIn so you can continue to deepen your business relationship when opportunity presents itself.  This gives you the opportunity for ideas on how you may be able to help each other. Best of all, you are creating additional brand touch points which are essential when converting contacts to clients.

    While we are on the subject of LinkedIn, we should also talk about making sure your profile supports your 30 second elevator speech by being current. Include examples of major projects that are relevant to your current position. Consider how you are leveraging LinkedIn to demonstrate your knowledge of your industry such that more contacts would like to connect with you. If you are new to LinkedIn here a few videos that can help you get started.

    What is LinkedIn In 5 minutes

    Building an Awesome Profile on LinkedIn

    Connecting with Others on Linkedin

    Remember, another classic is your business card. No matter where you are in your career or where you are headed, a business card says you are prepared. A great business card is another great brand touch yet can be forgotten for years at a time. Need a little refresher on business cards? Check out this blog for the ABCs of Business Cards.

    Keep the brand touches active with each new contact through social media, phone calls, face to face, and emails. You may be amazed to find your business growing by setting a goal of reaching out to 5 new contacts per week. Give it a try, along with these tools, and share your success with us.

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