January 23, 2019


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     Here’s What Joy’s Clients Have to Say…

    JohnLewis“Joy provided me with a very well organized approach to identifying my objectives and goals. Her ability to keep me focused and accountable provided a tremendous resource for me.”

    “Throughout a six-month period, we accomplished my stated goals. Specifically, she assisted me with determining the necessary core behaviors for that extra ‘2 millimeters’ of success.

    As a result, my personal fitness, spiritual fitness, and professional success are on track. I would recommend this program, and more specifically, Joy to any person desirous of high performing success!”

    [A year and a half later…] “I wanted to share a quick update with you. Our new bank is ready to open on October 27th. We successfully raised $22 million of capital in 5 months (April-September) in arguably one of the most difficult times in many years. We are very proud of that accomplishment. I hope you are doing well and appreciate all of your guidance and support in the past.”

    John Lewis, Chairman & CEO Verity Capital Group, Georgia

    “How much and in what ways is my life improving or being impacted with my coach? I would have to say that each and every area and in many ways.”

    “I would say that my leadership coaching relationship with Joy is one of deep trust, openness, willingness to listen, and one that is integral in my lifestyle today.”

    Jorge Melendez International Trainer and Coach San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Diane-Schwartz“During the short time that we have worked together, you have helped me in many respects. It’s with your business coaching support that I am able to feel hopeful again; and safe enough to realize some of my issues.”

    “You have also given me practical solutions and tools to make the necessary changes in myself and in my life. I thoroughly acknowledge that it’s a difficult task since I am easily distracted by my life circumstances which have been very challenging time and time again. My ups and downs don’t throw you off; and you remain professional and consistent in your belief in me. Your coaching is exactly what I need to help me achieve my fullest potential.

    Thank you, Joy!”

    Diane Schwartz, AICI, CIP, Certified Image, Etiquette & Protocol Consultant

    TraverBoehm“Before beginning my life coaching journey with Joy, I truly believed that “life coaching” was the quick fix to all of my life’s problems.”

    “Why was I broke? Because I didn’t have a personal coach. Why was my life erratic? Because I didn’t have a life coach. Why was my job not making me happy? It was simple — in no part was my situation due to my own participation, or lack there of, it was only because I didn’t have a business coach. My goal was simple – call Joy a few times a month and watch the miracles unfold. That was it; no effort on my part beyond the call with the exception of maybe a few minutes of visualization and I would go from a poor, confused grad student to sipping champagne on a yacht in no time!

    Fortunately for me, Joy put me in my place. The work was challenging, the introspection was deep and the accountability was always there. Joy used the perfect blend of motivation and tough love to get ME to focus on my own life – both the internal and external aspects of it.

    The transformations did not happen over night, but they did happen. In the span of 3 years I finished my graduate program passing all of my licensing tests the first time around (they have a 40% pass rate), moved to the city of my dreams and launched two businesses that fulfill me to no end! For the first time in 34 years, my life is congruent. My work life fulfills me as much as my life outside of work, I am in better shape than my collegiate athletic days and am on the cusp of making more money than I ever have before – and most importantly I wake up every morning inspired. Before beginning my life coaching with Joy I had read countless testimonials of people who said that very same thing and thought that A) they were making it up for marketing purposes, or B) that they were simply lucky. I now know that the combination of a solid plan, the right internal framework and a lot of hard work is a far more likely answer.

    Thank you Joy, for all of your guidance, all of your support and for the work that you do. I can say with certainty that I would not be where I am today without you.”

    Traver H. Boehm, Owner of CrossFit Pacific Coast and Wellness Pacific Coast, California

    AnthonyDeMarco“After working with Joy I have:

    1. Increased anesthesia revenue by approximately $50,000.

    2. Wrote and implemented a detailed business and marketing plan.

    3. Made smarter real estate investments and hired a more qualified property manager.”

    “Over two and a half years ago I started my anesthesia business. I did not have much direction in how to proceed with my business. I was randomly choosing what needed to be done without any direction or organization. I had goals but not any clear path on how to achieve those goals. Listed above are some of the measurable successes I have had in my business. Immeasurable successes are:

    • How Joy helped me to push past my ‘fears’ when starting my business.
    • Holding me accountable each week by taking small steps towards my life’s vision.
    • Helping to clarify what works in my business and what does not.

    Helping me to enjoy the process of building:

    • A business
    • Relationships with my family and the people I come in contact with through my business.
    • Spirituality
    • Wealth
    • Helping others.

    Since working with Joy, I am even more:

    • Happy
    • Clear in my life’s vision for myself
    • Enjoying my relationship with my wife and children
    • Patient
    • Managing my anger
    • Transforming my anger into resourcefulness

    I highly recommend a success coach and if you are fortunate enough to have Joy, she will help transform your life!”

    Anthony J. DeMarco, D.O. CEO and President of Mobile Anesthesia Service Concepts (MASC), Pennsylvania

    Nivya“Hi Joy!  I just wanted to say thank you! I will never be able to express with words how gratefull I am. My life has changed to the positive because of you.”

    “I feel clear about things, sometimes all I need is to hear your voice to get my thoughts in check.  And yes, I will laugh about life. I feel relieved after letting out my tears and I am centered, thank you!The truth is that my possibilities have increased greatly and I am grateful that I am aware and ready for the new opportunities!Today I learned about attachments and how, for some odd reason, I was concerned about what people thought. This I did not see coming! And, also, I know now, that it is ok to feel scared,  I am human, all I have to do is acknowledge it, and know that the Universe is on my side! Wow!

    I am back to my daily dose of positive thoughts and will review all my notes for sure! Love you and Thank You for existing!”

    Nivya Barrera, Fitness Competitor, Puerto Rico

    So many people have dreams and aspirations but such a small percentage ever achieve them. I’m sure you’re sitting there right now debating whether you really need a personal coach. Let me save you the time and tell you that YES YOU DO! Each one of us has so much untapped potential we need to learn to get in touch with and actually use.

    Before getting in touch with Joy I could have given you a list of 100 excuses why I was OK settling for where my life was at. Sure, I had dreams of where I wanted to be but I wasn’t getting there anytime soon with my current procrastination and lack of goals.

    One of the most important things Joy did for me was to flip my entire perspective. She made me see things that I had never been able to see before, whether it was the way I handled different situations or the thought process that went on in my own head that I was completely unaware of. With Joy’s help I was able to see myself from the outside looking in instead of the other way around. With this new perspective, we were able to quickly identify areas for improvement and plan our attack.

    The second most important thing she did was like spring cleaning for my head. She cleared out all the clutter and helped me develop focus and set goals. It’s like asking for directions and having someone hand you a detailed map. But this map would have been useless if I had no idea where I was going but with Joy’s help the destination became clear.

    Joy not only provided the guidance and support I needed, she also was not shy about dishing out a much needed kick in the ass I needed when my motivation started to drop. Having someone there to keep you accountable for your actions is priceless in itself.

    For the first time in my life I feel like I am on a clear path with attainable goals that I’m actually exited about and I owe this all to Joy. You owe it to yourself to reach your full potential, and with Joy’s help you will have no problem doing just that.

    Drew, Internet Marketer, New York

    SallyChase“With Joy’s guidance, I’ve learned how to identify self defeating belief systems and language patterns, and replace them with new tools of empowerment.”

    “I developed a new, really fast approach to painting that allows me to have tons of fun and make tons of money. The tons of fun part has taken wing, the tons of money part is in the process of being manifested, and I am so many leaps and bounds closer to my life’s dream! I opened my eBay store, and made a large, calm, peaceful yet energized, and very organized studio space in which to create my art. We’ve established the life-long activity of defining and refining my goals, and using the power of my thoughts, words and actions to manifest those goals in reality. How my life has changed in six months! Thank you Joy!”


    Sally Chase, Artist, Pennsylvania

    Irwin-Michelman“Each day since success coaching I have the attitude that something good will happen to me, it has been like a train going downhill and gaining momentum.”

    “When I started with Joy I had set expectations for myself, I spent money that I didn’t have and felt guilty about this. My wife was not overly happy with this decision but I knew I must make the best of it. The most important result has been learning with Joy to take small steps each day to success in life. To recognize the Musts and to set daily achievable goals. What I have noticed most is the small changes that have taken place in my life that are now becoming big changes. I no longer wait for results; I create them, and now they seem to come to me. It has been a magical transformation.

    In the beginning of this process I asked myself ‘will 30 to 45 minutes every 10 days or so make a difference in your life’? The answer to this question is: ‘How bad do you want to change and how hard are you willing to work at it’?

    Personal Coaching is not magic. It helps you to focus on what is important in your life and to take the action steps with the help of your coach to move forward in your life. I can say so far it has been only positive. I’m tired of the procrastination, non-completion, ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ attitude and lack of financial abundance. I want to change now and I’m willing to take the action and direction to do so.

    Personal Coaching is the most important step you can take in your life. The results have started for me and there is so much more to look forward to!”

    Irwin G Michelman, Director of Sales & Marketing Seattle, Washington

    MichelleSearsPhoto “Joy is a fantastic life coach. Before coaching I was all over the place with my approach, my thinking and my beliefs.”

    “Joy taught me how to stay focused by using simple reminders. Now every 30 to 40 minutes I ask myself if what I am doing is moving me towards my goals or away from them.She helped me change my thinking about my day job. I used to put so much energy into hating it and not wanting to be there that it filled my days with negativity. Now I focus on what my job does do for me. All the positive aspects of where I work and how it benefits me and my family.Joy also taught me how to push myself to the next level. Even when I didn’t know exactly what to do next. She would come up with these ideas that were so simple yet so powerful. Always moving forward never looking back.I personally enjoyed every conversation we had with each other. She’s very down to earth and very realistic in her approach.Now the #1 thing Joy taught me about success is to celebrate. I learned that you must always celebrate your accomplishments no matter how small and minor they seem to be at the time. Because these little successes will keep you moving forward and before you know it you’ll be celebrating big successes.

    Thank you Joy for your dedication as a success coach. I truly enjoyed the experience and I will never be the same person because of it. You can believe that I celebrated every week for the things I accomplished with your support.”

    Michelle Sears, Social Blogger, Georgia

    DarrellWalker“When Joy and I started working together about 4 years ago, I was just beginning a transformation in my life.”

    “I was checked out emotionally, and was struggling to find out and follow my true passions in life. I was taking on myself and also learning a new career. I not only maintained and improved the bottom line in my existing company while I established and grew a successful coaching company, but grew as a father, husband and human being. I reached my goals, and in less time than I thought I would because Joy has taught me strategies that have helped me to excel at my goals and also created a space for me to remain accountable for using them to enjoy the life I deserve. She has also brought forth the perspective to see the opportunities that are around me everyday. I am much happier now in my relationships, career, and life as a result of my time with Joy.”

    Darrell Walker, Business Owner and Coach, Louisiana

    “Before coaching I would characterize myself as successful and happy but still somehow not totally fulfilled. I had the feeling that something was missing and I was searching for answers. Through my experience with life coaching from Joy I feel that I have grown significantly in all areas of my life.”

    “My name is Leonard Zaccagnino. I am 50 years old, married for 21 years to the same incredible woman who is the mother of my 3 wonderful children, ages 12, 16, and 18. Professionally I am a trial attorney specializing in representing seriously injured individuals and a principal in my own practice for the last 20+ years.

    Since coaching with Joy, I have discovered a sense of peace; in doing so my practice and finances have improved, my relationships with my family and friends have improved, and most importantly, my relationship with myself has improved Through this process I was guided and allowed to discover for myself answers to many questions I had. I’ve also come to the knowing that there is no final destination but rather a continuous and wonderful journey that can be whatever you want it to be.

    I would strongly recommend coaching with Joy. She is knowledgeable, professional, and very effective.”

    Leonard Zaccagnino, Trial Attorney, New York

    shirley-lynn “I intuitively knew after my second session with Joy Pecchia that I had found a great life and business coach for myself”

    “Joy skillfully provides me with a thoughtful and honest place to ever deepen and clarify my sense of identity and life’s calling as a Soul Coach. In her compassionate witnessing of my life, as well as her breadth of knowledge to support me in realizing my dreams and my love to teach wisdom’s way to peace, I have begun to create and teach the programs that bring fulfillment and purpose to my life. Joy coaches with a profound respectfulness and honouring of my own wisdom and the principles that guide my beingness, even when they may not follow mainstream voices. I am blessed with a wonderful coaching relationship and treasure the work we do together in our sessions.”

    Shirley Lynn Martin, Waterloo, Canada

    JimSlatten“You are an enlightened soul who has an amazing ability to connect, love, inspire, teach, motivate, and guide. You have helped me to improve: my relationship with my wife, Lise; my career; my earnings potential; my relationship with my employees, friends and family; and – more importantly – my relationship with myself. Thank you.”

    “I am soaring because of your leadership coaching. You have the gift of being able to establish rapport easily, and you have used this gift to help me to grow spiritually. I now come from a place of abundance, not scarcity, and because of this one shift, my life is richer in every way.

    I value your teaching. I appreciate your guidance which has helped me to really get to know me – to tap into my soul. And I also treasure your ability and willingness to challenge me — ‘to take names and kick butt’ (hey, that is my masculine energy coming out!) — when I need it so that I can produce the results I want when I want them.

    Joy, you are an amazing lady, and you have made me a better person. God has blessed you with an amazing gift, and I am excited that I will continue to benefit from it as we work together in the future.

    With appreciation, thanks, joy and love,”

    Jim Slatten, Chief Operating Officer Leed Petroleum PLC, Louisiana

    BeckyPikePluth“How can I begin to thank you for the past several months of life coaching and the life coaching to come? When I first started working with you I knew that I was truly going to go places under your direction, guidance and with your accountability.”

    “I can truly say that you have helped hone and develop my skills and really challenge me to take things to the next level and not live in complacency.

    Your coaching has taught me how to: negotiate, agree to commitments I can keep, develop rapport with others, and evaluate where I am at and where I am going, to name a few. When I think about stories of people who are on the top of their profession like Olympians, famous musicians and CEOs, they always have a coach or a mentor that helped challenge them to get there. You are that person for me.

    I have searched for a woman I can respect that is competent and knowledgeable, who also has high integrity and values to fill this role, and in you, I have found this and so much more. I look forward to all the learning ahead.”

    Becky Pike Pluth, Master Trainer, Bob Pike Group, Minnesota

    “Prior to going through your leadership coaching program I was very frustrated and overwhelmed in my life. I was living unfulfilled. I wanted a more fulfilling career, a healthier body, and richer relationships in my life.”

    “However, I kept feeling overwhelmed with all the things that I felt I had to do to accomplish these goals. I mean how was I supposed to find more time in my busy schedule to workout more, start a business while working a demanding job, and better connect with my girlfriend, family and friends?

    Through working with you I was able to crate a laser-like focus in my life. A focus that would filter out all the wasted time in my life and allow me to focus only on the things that I wanted.

    Next I created a series of habits that I framed my days around that reinforced the outcomes that I was after and gave me mini-accomplishments that made me feel great and pushed me to continue moving forward toward my goals.

    Suddenly that feeling of overwhelm was gone and I had a renewed confidence that I could achieve what I set out to do.

    Since beginning working with you I have started a business part-time, landed my first client, and am growing to the point where I’ve now planned my exit of my job and moving to my business full-time. I lost over 15 pounds and have completed my first triathlon. I am continuing to focus on my health and vitality and feel stronger each week. I have also formed a group of people who routinely do volunteering work for local charities and it feels great to be giving back.

    I feel great now knowing that I have a system in place to properly manage all the demands life throws at me. I am focused and rewarded every day by my mini-accomplishments that I know will ultimately get me what I want in my life.

    Again, I just wanted to thank you Joy for your expert advice and helping me to push through the mental blocks that were sabotaging me from living the life that I imagined.

    Thank you!”

    Nick O, Minnesota

    graziellaBaratta“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for life and business coaching me these past 6 months toward achieving not only my specific goals, but on helping me grow as a person.”

    “I was in a very “stuck” place in January and find that I am so much more open and receptive to the abundant goodness around me. It’s about to rain here in NYC (no surprise lol) but I’ve got my sunny light box to help keep my mood up- thanks for introducing me to that!! For me, life and business coaching meant troubleshooting specific issues I have on a daily basis, overcoming obstacles (or perceived obstacles), and making the most of my resources. You provided all of that and more. I gained new perspectives, was introduced to a world of new tools, and found a refreshed, renewed, stronger ME in the process. THANK YOU, with all my heart :).”

    Graziella Baratta, Ms. United States 2008, Minnesota

    gerardViardin“Efficient and powerfully effective! Joy is a highly competent and skillful executive and success coach.”

    “Joy worked with our 4D Leadership team in a positive and proactive manner, supporting us through a highly efficient and effective 360 degree feedback process with individual and team goal setting in support of a proactive development process. Joy utilized a compelling, pragmatic and effective model for helping people in organizations grow, learn and enhance performance and effectiveness.

    In a very short period of time Joy has instilled within our leadership team renewed enthusiasm and responsible leadership that will support our hotel’s momentum toward successfully achieving 5 Star/5 Diamond rating in the hotel industry. She helped us further appreciate that to achieve our 5 Star/5 Diamond rating we must have a 5 Star/5 Diamond team.

    Our Hilton International Vice-President for Human Resources participated at the team debrief session as he was also very impressed by the different approach. He communicated this to several of my colleagues in the Americas division and I have received calls enquiring about it. At The Marquette, I certainly look forward to implementing a 360 for the next layer of department heads.

    I recommend Joy to any leadership or executive team desiring fully engaged minds and hearts, and passionate performance at all levels of an organization!”


    Gerard Viardin, General Manager, Marquette Hotel, Minnesota

    JamieLohmeyer“Joy came into my life during a very difficult season. Within a short period of time I had the tools to relieve many fears and my life began to move forward. I found out how much power I had in my own life and how I needed to make the worst time of my life the best turning point.”

    “I have become more and more of the person God created me to be. I am now living one of my biggest dreams – traveling the country with my husband helping others. Thank you so much for helping me find the person I knew would someday surface again. As I write this I have a tear rolling down my cheek because I never believed I would experience everything I have. Thank you for everything you have helped me do, you are an angel.”


    Love, Jamie Lohmeyer, Traveling Nurse, Colorado

    AJHoge“After just 7 months of personal coaching, my life rocks!

    My business is booming and my monthly cash flow has increased by $7,000 since beginning coaching. Just as importantly, I’m enjoying the business. I feel relaxed and in control. My leadership and influence have expanded, and my speaking skills are off the chart!”

    “Before coaching with Joy, I was struggling with my business and with my marriage. I found myself frequently frustrated and stressed, especially in these two extremely important areas of my life. In addition I was unhealthy. My energy was low, I was eating unhealthy crap, and I wasn’t exercising.

    Now my marriage is great as well! My wife and I are enjoying an open, loving, fun, and adventurous relationship. We have created a shared mission in our lives, and we have a much deeper appreciation and understanding for each other. Without Joy, I could never have done this.

    And perhaps the most incredible change has been learning to master my emotions – because this change has created incredible results in every area of my life. I am no longer stressed. I’m able to instantly transform my emotions rather than be a slave to frustration. When ‘problems’ arise, I now tackle them with calm and confidence. I see opportunities everywhere.

    And finally, physically, I feel fantastic. I’m now a vegan and I’m currently training for my first ultra-marathon (50 miles)! More to the point, I have a ton of energy everyday! I feel amazing – and that feeling translates to incredible performance and incredible fulfillment in everything I do… in every area of my life… and in every relationship.

    Joy is a superb life and business coach who has guided and supported me every step of the way.

    But of course, the journey is just beginning! I find myself filled with excitement as I anticipate the next 7 months! I find myself asking, ‘If all this has happened in just 7 months, what’s possible in one year? Two years?’

    The best is yet to come!

    Thank You Joy!”

    AJ Hoge, Director, Effortless English LLC, California

    “During the short time you have been my life coach, you have changed my life completely. Through your guidance, these changes have been life altering, from art issues to work issues and everything in between.”

    “Your counseling created growth and understanding in all aspects of my life. During all our sessions I have walked away a better person. You have guided me toward a new life and encouraged me to strive for a great future.

    You have opened my mind to a different way of thinking, of processing, and of solving problems. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU JOY!

    You have taught me so much in such a little time, and guided me through some very difficult issues in my life. My life is 100% better and my future is 1000% better thanks to your guidance. I am now a work in progress!

    My dearest Joy, God has blessed me through you!”

    Forever Grateful, Ida Brown, Master Potter, Georgia

    RandyWagner“I am happier in all areas of my life. It continues to be an incredible adventure and I look forward to the next part of my life.”

    “Before working with Joy I just existed; getting by and not very happy with any part of my life. That was almost nine months ago, when I realized things had to change. My idea was just to start a business of my own to make a living. But thank God that was not Joy’s idea. This is what happened:

    • I learned to make a business plan, and set up clear and concise goals
    • I created a business that was in demand even in a down market
    • I learned to take small steps and build on my successes
    • I built my self confidence
    • I now face my fears and do it anyway

    And something else happened along the way; I put my whole life together – health, spiritual, relationship, finance and business. All aspects fell into place.

    What is that saying, ‘No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.’ That is Joy; you come to realize that you are not just a client. Thank you for all your help.”

    Randy Wagner, CEO, Data Storage Inc., Hawaii

    CathyCole“I would like to let everyone know what has been meaningful to me about working with you as my success coach.”

    “Soon after we began working together, my self appointed goals somehow shifted from ‘wants’, to MUSTS. At first I thought it was the accountability, knowing we would talk about results. Yet… I knew it was ultimately ok if I didn’t meet my goals. Accountability alone was not the inspiration. It brought tears to my eyes when I realized what it was. My discovery was that you have expectations of me, because you believe in me and what I can do. You offer me a place of genuine support and belief that compels me to persist through my perceived limitations. My ‘wants’ became MUSTS. Your encouragement has enabled me with the realization that there are others who are genuinely excited about my success. You have inspired me to recognize and enjoy a realm of meaning, beyond myself-appointed needs, to accomplish my goals. It has made a huge difference in my inspiration, and later in life when I look back on this time, it will still be making a huge difference.

    Thank-you, Joy!”

    Cathy Cole, Personal Transformation Guide, Colorado

    “I still have your picture from last year on my office board. When I need a little encouragement or motivation, I just took a look at you and can hear and feel your encouragement!”

    “Hope all is well with you and yours. I have qualified for our Hawaii Roundtable Trip and bonus already this year!!! Yippee!! If you remember, we discussed earning both of these ‘with ease.’ It sure is nice to have both of these goals met so I can enjoy the holidays.

    My mother died suddenly this year. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to have gone through the exercise with you of letting go of the past and forgiving her for the things that happened long ago. I feel she is at peace and I know I certainly am.

    I could go on and on about the good things that have happened to me this year but in a nutshell, I just wanted to say ‘Thank You.’ I feel very blessed to have had a coach and a friend like you! Peace…”

    Joyce F. Breiner, CLU, VP Sales, North Carolina

    AdnanShawkat“What is it that you really, really want out of life?”

    “A simple question that I thought I had a clear and distinct answer to. After all, I was working countless hours every week trying to reach this elusive goal.

    “Yet when Joy, my success coach, asked me this simple question I was unable come up with a clear and focused set of requirements that needed to be met before I could consider myself a happy and successful person. It was an epiphany to say the least. I remained under Joy’s coaching for the next three years.

    From the darkest days of self-doubt and apprehension, she showed me how to soar above my fears and destroy my negative and limiting belief structures about myself and the world around me. We started with basics, concepts such as recognizing negative patterns and managing my states. Moving through each of the categories that make up the wheel of life, she showed me how to obtain superlative results in my relationships, my business, and increasing my health and vitality, to name just a few.

    Since I started my coaching sessions with Joy I managed to: continue my commitment to quitting smoking, work out regularly to obtain a level of energy and health that I never thought possible, meet the woman that I’m going to spend the rest of my life with and marry her, quit my job and establish a business which has allowed me to take the reigns of my own financial destiny, exponentially improve my time management and goal setting skills, and the list goes on.

    A veil has been removed from in front of my eyes and a new world exposed. In this world: I see through challenges instead of getting stopped by them, I spend 20% of my time on the problem and 80% of my time on the solution, after every failure and success I ask why it happened the way it did and write it in a journal. The greatest gift anyone can give themselves is to find how to reach their own version of this world and stay in it.

    Thanks Joy, without you none of this would have been possible.”

    Sincerely, Adnan Shawkat, Chief Technology Officer, Advanced Bio-Logic Solutions, California

    “It is not an exaggeration when I say my executive coaching experience with Joy Pecchia was amazing! I accomplished so much more in our six months of working together than I imagined I would.”

    “I went into the program wanting ‘something’ which would help me to maximize my potential in my career and personal life goals. While I was positive, I had some trepidation as to how much could really be accomplished via phone.

    Well, those doubts were quickly and completely erased on my very first call with Joy. Not only did Joy listen and hear the things I was saying — she heard a lot of things I wasn’t saying. She prompted me to really examine some issues, perceptions, work and life habits; and she brought keen observations and insights to our sessions.

    This engagement has enabled me to improve and impact the aspects of my life that needed the most attention. I’m much more focused and directed now and have finally begun to remove the last impediment to really being all that I can and want to be. There is no doubt in my mind that I would never have accomplished this on my own. I completely and without reservation recommend Joy Pecchia to you as a life coach!”

    Julia Brown, Exec VP, Schwab Bank, California

    “Thank you for helping me find myself again for I was so lost and unconscious. You have touched a life in more ways than you know.”

    “My life before life coaching with Joy:

    • No clear purpose
    • No clear understanding of repeating behavior patterns
    • Operating out of unconscious mind and complete unawareness
    • Totally limited use of gifts and limited available resources
    • Lost and not clearly understanding myself in both areas of improvement and strengths

    My life after life coaching with Joy:

    • Specific understanding of my personal profile and driving forces
    • Great fit and environments identified
    • Specific books, tape programs, and pdf files customized for my growth and intellectual understanding
    • Available resources ten times what they were
    • Brought back to consciousness and awareness and development of personal gifts and talents
    • Visualization techniques
    • Understanding myself and behavior patterns
    • Resources to explore new career – questions to ask, resources to draw upon
    • Training of mental and emotional mindset

    Thank you Joy!”

    Patrick Mason, Director (former) Ridgeworth Capital Management, Tennessee

    “I wanted to take time to thank you and let you know of some of the benefits I received during our life coaching sessions together. I am so excited about what has happened in my life in the past six months. I could not have done this without the help of a life coach and I believe you are a big part of where I am today.”

    “I remember six months ago when I was investigating life coaching. At that time I was already a life-learner and had some degree of fulfillment in my life. I was avidly reading books, listening to CDs and talking with people about becoming who I really wanted. I turned to life coaching because I was consistently being distracted in my focus and my commitments in what I wanted. I knew I had the drive and love for life, but didn’t have a map to get where I was going. I just didn’t have everything I needed to see in my patterns which had me in an endless circle without any real life fulfillment.

    Taking the leap and working with a life coach was a big step. I didn’t know what the impact would be in allowing someone to look into my life and assist me in finding a new focus on what I was doing with my time. That impact is immeasurable because of this new way of thinking and direction. In the past six months I created a vision for my life and have completed all the commitments I wanted to see come true. This is only the beginning. I am excited to see where I will be and what I learn about myself in the next six months.

    Joy I am delighted to know you and to have you as my first coach in this life-long passion I have with myself. Thank you for all your encouragement and guidance.”

    Sincerely, Steven Seiler, Colorado

    KellyDreher“The best thing a stay-at-home mom could do for herself!”

    “Joy helped me learn how to balance my life to include taking care of me! Prior to working with Joy, I did what too many other moms do, giving all of myself to my children, husband, and home, at the expense of my own mental, physical, and spiritual well-being! She has given me the tools I need to find the contentment and excitement in my life again. A happy, healthy mom makes everyone happy!

    Thanks Joy!”

    Kelly Dreher, Mom of three kids, five fish, two hamsters, one dog, and a hubby :), New York

    “The process has been amazing. The success coach (Ms. Joy Pecchia) has exceeded my expectations.”

    “Time suddenly has such little meaning. I am doing less and accomplishing more. I am enjoying moments that appear to last forever. I see potential in everything I touch. Now, this transformation was not quite as simple as it appears in writing. It was Joy that provided the foundation and knowledge, and I think she would agree that I have done a great deal of work to arrive at this place. However, it has been her guidance that has made the difference between great success and inertia. I am not at the peak of the mountain, but I am falling in love with the journey. Even the large boulders that were once obstacles have become opportunities. I am enjoying the scenery and the world is responding in kind.”

    Best regards,
    Stephany J. Head, PhD., President, OpRisk Associates, LLC, Virginia






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