December 17, 2018

STA Coach Training

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    Joy is pleased to offer her “Speed to Advancement™” Coach Training and Business-Building Program.

    joy STA PicJoin the billion dollar coaching industry, and learn directly from successful coach and CEO, Joy Pecchia.  This is a first generation training program – no dilution – no spin – no mass produced information – efficiently fast tracking your own learning and professional growth.

    You’ll be simultaneously trained in the most accelerated systems of coaching and business building, with Joy’s proprietary “Speed-to-Advancement™” (STA) system that has been perfected since 2002.

    Our business model provides:

    • A comprehensive training program that includes the greatest how-to’s of coaching and business-building – simultaneously.
    • Tested marketing systems and tools, along with value and education based selling methods, proven to acquire clients.
    • A business model for you that includes low-overhead, nice margins, and no-employees-required.

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    The coaching industry is now a billion dollar industry and increasing by more than 30% a year.

    Whether you are already in the coaching or consulting business, or are just starting out, we invite you to build and grow your business through our Coach Training and Business-Building Program.  Our clients are from every industry imaginable, including small business owners, self-employed professionals, and managers from businesses of all sizes.

    Best yet, the coaching industry is recession resistant. Clients need a coach in good times and bad. In good times, they want to aggressively grow their businesses; in bad times, they need to sharpen their focus and effectiveness so they don’t lose what took them years to create.

    Be involved in this dynamic STA Coach Training and Business-Building Program

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    Coaching is the HOTTEST trend, and one of the biggest growth industries.  And you don’t need to have a specific coaching business, as I know many consultants, speakers and trainers who utilize aspects of coaching in their businesses.

    Why Participate In A “Speed-to-Advancement™” Training Program?

    The most important investment you can make is one in yourself – especially these days when there’s limited investment opportunities!  Today people are spending $80,000 to $200,000+ for a higher education going the traditional route for a ticket into the greatest risk opportunity: a job. They spend all this money but have not learned the fundamentals of what it takes to build their own future: sales/marketing, entrepreneurship and product/service innovation.

    If you are one of the applicants who qualifies and is certified, you’ll be equipped and won’t have to spend years and thousands of hours trying to figure everything out like we had to. It’s the most accelerated business coaching model offered today.

    Now you can bring an entirely new model to the industry of coaching using a 100% proprietary model that has been perfected since 2002.

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    Hear from some of our STA coaches:

    joy jean NThe tools and discussions we’ve had to date have added significant value to me and my business.  It is a great relief to have people I trust and validation that I’m on the right path.

    ―Jean, Certified StrengthsFinder Expert, Minneapolis, Minnesota


    Words cannot express how much my time with you has really helped me in both 1 on 1 and in our group sessions…..   From the bottom of my heart, I truly appreciate our relationship and I pray that God continues to bless your business and your endeavors.

    Charmay, HR Generalist, Texas

    I cannot believe we are coming to the end of the Coaching.  I have loved every minute of it.  You are a great coach and I wish I could have more of you when this class is done.

    Sandy, HR Generalist, Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Joy Beth PicAs HR Professionals, we have the opportunity to coach and develop people on a daily basis.  After going through Joy’s program, I went from being a good coach to a great coach!  What this coaching certificate has taught me is how to:

    • really be in the moment when having coaching conversations,
    • truly listen to the other person and ask better questions to help navigate through issues at hand, and
    • better gain the valuable trust and respect of my management team.  

    All of these additional skills are imperative in the HR world as we strive to become Business Partners.  The information, knowledge and personal experiences Joy has shared has added to my management and HR toolbox.  In fact, some of my managers are using the same tools amongst their teams now.  It is fun to see my career take off from going through this program and see the lightbulb go on with managers as well!  
    Beth, HR Business Partner, Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Joy your next step

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    Get ready for a GREAT journey together.

    Contact Joy or call (952) 471-2567 and let’s get started today!

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