December 17, 2018


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    Peak Performance Coaching Products

    Whether it is for your own personal development, for your business or for those around you, there are many affordable life coaching products available from Joy Pecchia International!

     “Living Your Life by Design” Audio Series

    Joy has taken her unique coaching approach to the studio and created the exciting audio series, “Living Your Life by Design”. Based on her core coaching philosophies, these audios are a must-have for anyone on a journey of transformation!

    Living Your Life by Design Volume 1

Life Transformation for Individuals

    Have you looked at your life lately? Really looked at it? Are you living the life you truly want to live? If not, what would it take for you to make a change and learn how to be more true to who you are? You actually have the power to change your path and create the life you’ve only dreamed of. If you have the courage, Joy Pecchia can help you discover what’s most meaningful to you and help you rebuild your life. Joy will help you identify the obstacles that hold you back from creating positive change and move you into to a life filled with more confidence, better communication and more passionate and honest relationships.

    You’ll learn all about:

    • Joy’s unique coaching approach
    • How your language affects your behavior
    • The power of belief systems

    Includes a 10-minute guided visualization exercise!

    “Life transformation may not be the easiest journey, and there is nothing more fulfilling.”—Joy Pecchia

    Life Transformation for Individuals Volume 1 Audio

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    Life Transformation for Individuals Companion Workbook

    Download now for only $9.97

    Or, choose this BEST VALUE offer:

    Audio, Companion Workbook and a 30 minute laser coaching session

    Download now for only $49.97


    Living Your Life By Design Volume 2

    What Is Money Really?

    So what is money, really? And what kind of power does it have over you? Whether you’re independently wealthy or struggling to make ends meet, your beliefs about money inform many of your behaviors in life. Joy will help you take an honest look at your current beliefs about money…beliefs that can keep you from living a life of true abundance. She’ll inspire you to replace those limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs that will help you clarify what you want and why. What you’ll hear in this audio program is Joy’s approach to understanding money’s place in your life, including exercises that will help you take the first step to defining what money is for you.

    Here’s just a sampling of the topics Joy covers on this audio:

    • What Is Money, Really?
    • Limiting Beliefs About Money
    • Ways To Have Continued Success Around Money
    • Educating Yourself About Money

    “What is money, really? Certainly nothing to hang your self-esteem on, yet people do it everyday.”—Joy Pecchia

    Living Your Life by Design Volume 2

‘What Is Money Really?’ Audio

    Download now for only $9.97


    OnLine Profile Assessments:

    Discover what drives you and your team members with this informative profile that’s unique to each person. Capture the power of online personal profiles, a tool used by over a million people around the world. Each participant will learn about the styles and behaviors you utilize, how your values influence your inner drive, and how your nature and perspective can work in your favor to achieve the success of your dreams.

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    Guided Meditation Audios

    Relaxation Before A Medical Procedure

    66% of patients who listened to this download the first day after their surgical procedure:

    • Had no complications
    • Did not take any narcotics

    Patients who listened to this download 6-7 times before their medical procedure dramatically reduced their anxiety levels prior to their procedure. Here are a few testimonials from others who downloaded the audio before their surgical procedures. This is what they noticed:

    “My husband was up and out as a spectator at sporting events and continued on with his normal routine within 2 days after his surgery. His friends were so surprised to see him out and about so quickly. He went to the doctor for his post surgery exam and the doctor was very pleased with how quickly he was healing. He has another medical procedure coming up in the next few weeks and he has already started listening to the download again and he expects similar, positive results.” Teri C, MN

    “Joy I am really impressed. I used the downloads several times a week then 2x on the day before and first thing on the morning of the medical procedure. Today I felt very calm physically and experienced a dramatic lowering of anxiety. After the procedure the doctor was explaining to a young intern that this had been a good examination and it is not always like this. Then the doctor turned and thanked me for making the examination so easy. This was due to being relaxed and compliant with requests.” Marian N, UK

    I would like to invest in Relaxation Before A Medical Procedure audio download now for $9.97


    Fear of Flying – Manage your Fear and Enjoy the Ride

    You’re afraid to fly, and you have decided that this fear must be overcome in order for you to lead a fuller and more meaningful life. You want to travel without panic setting in. For your next upcoming flight, listening to this audio will train your mind to work for you, successfully reducing fear and anxiety by 30-50%. We will condition your mind through guided meditation and visualizations to comfortably implement before, during and upon arrival of your next successful trip.

    I would like to invest in Fear of Flying audio download for $9.97


    Fear of Dentistry

    This audio supports your fear and anxiety in an upcoming dental procedure. Our goal is to measurably lower your fear and anxiety by while improving the speed of your healing process after the dental procedure. The audio may also help lower post dental procedural pain and post dental procedural complications.

    I would like to invest in Fear of Dentistry audio download for $9.97


    Children’s Evening Meditation for Your Child’s Self Esteem

    This audio specifically helps children build their self esteem and reduces or eliminates any fear or anxiety they may be experiencing. Throughout this children’s guided meditation Joy guides them, reminding them of how great they are and how lucky the world is to have them in it.

    I would like to invest in Children’s Evening Meditation For Your Child’s Self Esteem audio download for $9.97


    For additional inquiries on any of these Peak Performance Coaching Products contact Joy directly at or by calling 952.471.2567.

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