January 23, 2019

Manage Your Time by Discovering the “Margins”

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    Manage Your Time by Discovering the “Margins”

    44% of people report losing one hour or more per day in productivity due to stress. Another 37% report losing 15-30 minutes per day in productivity due to stress. Look around at the people you are working with. Those numbers indicate stress is affecting more that 80% of the workforce. (American Management Study)

    stop watch pic jpiHave you ever had the experience of working really hard at something, only to discover that your efforts didn’t match the level of success you expected? What if you could consistently reach exceptional results along with an amazing level of personal fulfillment?

    What you will learn in this presentation will ensure that you achieve the results you truly desire in record speed. You will begin to master an innovative system for not only managing your time, but for managing all areas of your life.

    Joy will introduce you to an entirely new time management system: Time Margins.  Using the proven methods of Time Margins, you’ll never again have to complain about not having enough time again!

    You will be able to create efficiencies that abolish wasting 28% of your day. We all have the same 24 hours in a day.  Learn to maximize your hours to achieve the results you want and need—in the margins of time!

    You will no longer be stuck in the problems of:

    • NonProductivity and Inefficiency –  Getting caught up in consistently working from a model that’s not helping you be productive
    • Lack of Focus – ADHD tendencies are preventing you from establishing laser focus
    • Time Management Issues – Telling the same old story about not having enough time, yet you realize everyone has 24/7

    You’ll walk away with presentation strategies that include:

    • The Power of Focus and Vision
    • The Secrets of Success
    • Your Five Key Steps to Planning
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