December 17, 2018

Life Purpose – is it Real?

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    Big questions often asked in life are “Why Am I Here?” or “What Is My Purpose in Life?”

    These questions are inquiries about your gifts, your passions, your contributions to the world. It’s about being in tune with who you really are and it comes from a very deep core level inside of you, and for many of you, when you have clarity on your purpose in life, it will feel like a spiritual experience.

    I’ll never forget the time I discovered my purpose in life. I was at an Anthony Robbins 10 day Coaches Training Program. One of the processes we worked through was discovering, or uncovering, whichever way you want to look at it, our purpose in life. We worked on it for a few days throughout the training.

    By the end of the third day I was fairly close to what I wanted, so I got up the next morning for my daily morning walk through the hillsides of San Diego, and was compelled to sing my Purpose Statement, and as I sang this…”I am Joy I am Enthusiasm, Visionary Child of God, I Inspire Action in All His People, Awakening Souls Throughout the Universe”, and as I sang “Universe” the path I was walking on curved around the hillside and right there in front of me was the most spectacular sunrise I’ve ever seen, rising in the middle of two hillsides, and it immediately brought me to tears. That’s how I knew I was spot on with my purpose in life statement.

    That was in 2000, and it has clearly guided me in my life ever since.

    Find your Purpose in Life

    Here are some questions you can begin asking to be thoughtful and curious about your purpose in life. Make a commitment to yourself that you are taking this exercise very seriously, and that your 30 day outcome is that you will know in your heart, what your Purpose in Life Statement is. It’s certainly worth focusing on for 30 days of your life.

    1. What are the values that guide my life? Are you guided by honesty, compassion, intelligence, strength…what are the top 5-10 values that you live by?
    2. When I’m at my very best in my life, who am I ‘being’? If you’re musical, are you ‘being’ creative, open, relaxed? Who are you really ‘being’ when you’re ‘doing’ something you love.
    3. What is my vision for my life? Who do you truly want to become, when you take away all the old stories, beliefs or rules that might limit you. Who are you, really?

    Imagine how different your life will be when you’re no longer asking yourself the ‘what is my purpose’ question.  Rather, you’ll be living it every day.

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