December 17, 2018

Art of Joy Retreat

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    Are you wondering how to Create YOUR Solid Plan?

    Kick it off with a customized Art of Joy Retreat, for you and a friend, in Puerto Rico!

    If you’re serious about fast-tracking a clear, customized plan for your personal growth, I’m inviting you and a friend to join me in Puerto Rico for an amazing retreat, where I will support each of you in your lives by offering full integration of a focused plan specifically designed for you.  We’ll be discovering your personal WHY and you’ll learn the value of living life on your terms, with the foundation and clarity of your WHY guiding you throughout the year.

    pot of goldI love seeing people have those ‘light-bulb’ moments, right on the spot – in person. To dig up these nuggets, it requires a lot of preparation, combined with thoughtful discussion and inner work -with insights from an expert who knows what works based on your uniqueness.

    That’s why I get so excited at the prospect of having you and a friend join me —on the beach to work with you. I’ll map out an entire Program that’s customized specifically for each of you that results in a simple, clear and focused plan to help you start living your life more authentically and on purpose. I’ll help you grow while freeing up more of your time spent on those all too familiar fears that creep in called procrastination, indecision and fear.

    The 4 Life-Changing Benefits You’ll Experience During Your Customized Art of Joy Retreat…and you’ll receive so much more!

    1. Clarity: You’ll know exactly what to create and how to get there (and for years to come).

    There’s no better feeling than knowing exactly what you need to do next. I’m known for helping my clients get crystal clear about their life. This means no more guessing, no more trying things blindly, and no more confusion.

    2. Focus: Walk away with a doable, step-by-step growth plan.

    There are many (too many, unfortunately) coaches and consultants out there that simply give you a cut-and-paste plan. Usually it’s something that worked in a particular client situation or in their particular life, but those rubber-stamp plans will rarely work out for you.

    That’s because you need a 100% customized plan adapted specifically to you and how you want to design your life.  The strategies and plans I map out with you are the perfect blend between what you love and what will make you happy (and those around you!).

    3.  Freedom: Time saving strategies so you’re able to experience more of your life with friends and family.

    Want more time with your family? Want to travel the world? I help you structure your time better so you’re free to experience life beyond your day-to-day obligations.  During our time together I share with you simple strategies that will open up hours in your days.

    4. Creativity: I’ll show you how to design your life so you’re fully self-expressed.

    I know it’s important for you to make a difference and to share your message with the world.  There’s a deeper, inner drive or knowing that resides inside you.  You don’t have to know what that is; we will discover it together or if you already have an idea of this inner knowing you’ll deepen it even more during the Retreat.

    Here are some of the logistics for your unique, customized Art of Joy Retreat…

    Includes daily walks on the beach!

    Includes daily walks on the beach!

    Yes, a warm getaway ON the Beach, sharing and creating with a friend!

    Check back for 2018 dates!

    Sessions will be held on the beach or in the condo, depending on what YOU choose!  Each morning, you’ll wake up to the sounds of the waves and warm ocean breezes.  After a healthy breakfast together, we’ll begin creating YOUR journey, and we’ll be sure to give you enough time to explore the beautiful island or relax on the beach.

    Comfortable space for our sessions!

    Comfortable space for our sessions!


    Isla Verde Beach, Carolina, Puerto Rico.  There are a number of beautiful hotels on the beach, within walking distance.  I’ll offer many suggestions as there are nice options available.


    1-2 meals/day are provided depending on YOUR interest in fresh, organic home cooked food or exploring the plethora of fabulous ethnic restaurants nearby.  Did I mention ‘ceviche y tostados’??

    Sessions: What do you and your friend want to experience in your retreat?

    • Yoga?
    • Meditation?
    • Hypnotherapy?
    • Energy work?
    • NLP Exercises?
    • Developing your intuition?
    • Crafting a solid blueprint?
    • All of the above and MORE?

    There are so many ways I can support you – When you register you’ll receive an application to customize your Retreat…exactly how you’d like it to be!  And if you’re not sure, I will help you design the BEST plan possible!

    Book early as these are Retreats are for small groups only and I am already receiving many inquiries!

    Email for all the details or give Joy a call now at 952.471.2567.

    DSCN9132Puerto Rico is a dream come true for me.  When I started my company back in 2002 I knew how hard I would be working as an entrepreneur, so I wanted a reward for all of my hard work.  I decided that reward would be…working from a warm climate to get away from the harsh Minnesota winters.  Here were my 7 basic criteria in determining a location:

    1. temps in the mid 80’s
    2. mostly sunny skies
    3. near the ocean
    4. dollars for currency
    5. english language
    6. good cell phone coverage
    7. stable internet service

    I had no idea where that ‘get away’ was located.  It manifested through two different clients I had in Puerto Rico.  They each raved about their island so much.  I researched the island, realized it met all of my criteria, and voile! In 2009, 7 years later,  I was spending my first winter in Puerto Rico.  I’ve enjoyed the island every winter.  And all 7 criteria have been met every year!

    It feels really special to me…to provide this for you.

    You may have read in the news or on the internet that Puerto Rico is in financial collapse.  The Retreat is held on Isla Verde Beach in Carolina, Puerto Rico.  A short, 5 minute cab ride from the airport, and is in a safe, touristy area.  I have never had any problems there and walk, bus, uber and cab all over the island.  I know the area really well and will help guide you towards things to do during your free time.  And of course, just like anywhere else, be safe and responsible!

    The Retreat does not include

    • Airfare (You’ll be flying into San Juan, Puerto Rico SJU)
    • Restaurant meals (the retreat DOES include 1-2 meals/day in the condo prepared fresh for you if that is your preference!  And it DOES include a celebratory dinner together Saturday night!)
    • Alcohol – feel free to enjoy your favorite beverage – stores are a short walk from the condo and there are numerous bars and restaurants everywhere!
    • Ground transportation – take a cab from the airport — it’s a quick 5 minute ride and costs less than $15.  Also, there are numerous cabs and buses to take you on any excursion you’d like while you’re on the island.  And I know Eric, an amazing tour guide who will take you ANYWHERE, on ANY type of adventure that interests you:
      • Hiking and or ziplining in the rainforest
      • Horseback riding through a beautiful plantation
      • Kayaking through one of only 7 Bioluminescent Bays in the world
      • Touring the history, shops and restaurants of Old San Juan
      • Surfing or boogey boarding on the nearby beach connected to the Ritz – great surf there!
      • Jetskiing, kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing, kiteboarding — all available right on our beach!
      • Swimming in the warm, calm surf, ocean waters on our beach. There are NO riptides!
      • Swimming laps in the outdoor lap pool
      • Playing afternoon bingo out by the pool – they are hardcore! 🙂
      • Enjoying the mile and a half beach to walk and explore.  Collect the beautiful sand dollars!
      • I still haven’t done everything in 7 years – so much beauty to explore if that’s what interests you!


    I never considered a life coach experience but I am so glad to have spent time with Joy and to have approached this with an open mind. My biggest takeaway from the Retreat was the understanding that my perceived challenges can be approached with small, actionable steps that are tackled in the most simple yet effective ways.  The tools that Joy presents are not just “fluff” – they are measured and attainable. Thank you, Joy for igniting this new excitement and journey to find my full potential. —Ju A., CA

    I’m a pretty structured, organized, health-oriented person in my “outer” life, but admittedly, could better prioritize and provide the same passion, care and effort to my “inner” life. This retreat was the perfect place to carve out the time and space for self-reflection, self-care and a plan.  Joy provides a safe and nurturing environment – and is truly there to guide you and call you out as needed (which I loved!). There is the right amount of push/pull and opportunities to open yourself up to new ways of thinking and feeling. And finally, I learned SO much – new tools, a new language and best of all, how much BIGGER we all are.  Thank you Joy (and the other participants)!  —Debbie L., NY

    I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for all of your hospitality last week during the retreat!  I feel good about my four main goals for 2016.Jen G., NE

    The Puerto Rico retreat was a mind-bending experience. Always the consummate life coach, Joy helped me to remember parts of myself long forgotten in the daily grind. Using excellent and efficacious exercises, she helped the group to explore and find answers to questions long buried, but just waiting to be discovered.  It was an awesome time! —Deb P., MI

    You will return to your life from your Art of Joy Retreat feeling refreshed, renewed and radically jazzed about your life, along with a customized blueprint and incredible winter get-away memories.  (And yes, let’s remember the tan you’ll have too!)

    You will know exactly how to discover and develop your inner truth and prioritize your 2018 plan (and Beyond!) that results in living an abundant life you LOVE.

    Fill out the form below or give Joy a call at 952.471.2567 for all the details.




    Come join me out on the deck and we’ll manifest wonderful things together for YOUR life!  DSC05842If you’re ready to take your precious life to the next level, apply today!

    Email for all the details or give Joy a call now at 952.471.2567.




    Joy Pecchia

    Art of Joy Retreats



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