January 23, 2019

Leadership Coaching

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    Leadership Coaching Packages

    Joy Pecchia International, a Minneapolis-based experienced coaching and training business, is proud to present:

     Leadership Coaching Systems and Technologies …

    Where harnessing personal and professional power has never been more crucial!

    joy coachingMy clients and I collaborate to identify, harness and strengthen their personal and professional abilities to ensure that they achieve their goals and enjoy a complete, fulfilled life.

    Reading books, attending seminars and listening to audios does not create the change you’re looking for. Our Leadership Coaching programs are a MUST if you want a customized approach to integrating what you’ve already learned from the ‘school of hard knocks’ and are now ready to make the changes necessary for your maximum life and business success.

    Real success happens in coaching and it’s fundamentally who Joy is and what she’s about. Anyone who is a high performance player KNOWS the importance of powerful coaching.

    What does working with an experienced coach bring to you and to your business? 

    • The opportunity to focus exclusively and without distraction on your visions and what you need to turn them into realities
    • A sound and confidential way to vet ideas with an expert “thinker” to help you uncover and explore the ramifications of your plans, which will substantially reduce unwelcome surprises
    • Guidance and support to provide you with more confidence in your ideas and your approaches
    • Perspectives that help you innovate appropriately in order to stabilize and grow in your life and in your business

    Leadership Coaching is a critical success factor for your success, and a recognized “normal and natural” way for today’s leaders to approach their most important task of providing consistent leadership – for themselves and for others.

    Joy’s Leadership Coaching Programs provide a proven leadership model to accelerate your development.  We’ll begin together by defining the specific areas of leadership that you need for your visions and for your business.

    We’ll look at the current “baseline” of your:

    • Leadership skills, strengths, talents and potential challenges.
    • Personal and professional vision.
    • Ability to resolve conflicts, negotiate quality relationships and solve problems.
    • Strategic plan for your start-up or for growing your business.

    We don’t just “talk about the skills you want and need”—we actually “do something about them”! We collaborate verbally and in writing throughout Joy’s Leadership Coaching process—building your strengths, expanding your insights, and accelerating your ability to succeed.

    Working together we will:

    • Use proven guides and tools to craft your unique Success Coaching Profile that provides the roadmap for our coaching process.
    • Complete assessments that will identify your learning and behavioral styles, and success motivators, along with tools that allow us to visualize the gap between where you are and where you must be.
    • Identify and analyze approaches and behaviors that may prevent you from achieving your personal and professional goals, in order to provide you with the best-practice techniques to help you overcome disempowering activities.
    • Implement in-depth, practical leadership strategies that unify and inspire you and your business to exceed professional performance standards.
    • Clarify your business vision and goals, and create a detailed action plan with measurable goals and benchmarks that will result in the desired changes in your behavior or performance.
    • Develop powerful techniques to reinforce consistent and effective communication.
    • Provide discussion templates to save you time during your sessions and enable you to get to the most important issues quickly

    How does this happen? How long does it take? How much time and effort is required?

    At the conclusion of our initial, well-structured discussions, we will recommend the most effective, one-on-one personal development coaching and/or training program for you. We may get together weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly for 6, 9 or 12 months depending on your situation, availability and need for speed. It’s all about what works for you! There are no “cookie-cutter” programs!

    The only thing that’s actually the “same” for all our clients is the outcome! Success!

    Hear from some of our successful coaching clients:

    “Joy provided me with a very well organized approach to identifying my objectives and goals. Her ability to keep me focused and accountable provided a tremendous resource for me.”  Chairman & CEO, Verity Capital Group

    “I believe Joy is at the top of her game. I truly appreciate Joy’s great prowess in her coaching abilities.” Creative Director

    “Joy has been a HUGE help to me both in business and personally. I have worked with her for the past year plus and in that time have watched my business double and my personal life improve. Joy’s knack for asking the right questions at the right time has allowed me to find balance and fulfillment in all areas of my life. Thanks Joy!”  Internet Marketer

    “Working with Joy is a major push into a higher level of wisdom, action, and compassion. She is great at providing techniques that speak to where you are and where you want to go.”  Motivational Speaker: Tools for Success

    Options for your Leadership Coaching program may include:

    • Scheduled coaching sessions via phone, Skype, or face-to-face: 45–60 minute weekly, biweekly, or monthly
    • Spot tele-coaching sessions for immediate, “put-out-the-fire” needs scheduled within 24 hours of request
    • Unlimited email responses within 48 hours
    • Ongoing review and feedback of your significant materials and documents
    • Recommended networking and peer groups

     You will eliminate 2-3 steps on your ladder to wealth and success building.

    Request a complimentary consultation today to target a real and proven Leadership Coaching Program solution for you, at Team@JoyPecchia.com or (952) 471-2567.

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