December 17, 2018

Cultivating creativity in 10 minutes

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    It’s 8 a.m. on a typical work week. A steaming cup of coffee, tea or boosting breakfast beverage sits nearby like a private, tiny cheering section. You choose your favorite writing utensil and writing pad, or you open your computer and see that each of the programs you need to complete are the projects lined up at the top of your list. You stretch. Rub your face and then stare blankly at the page waiting for creative inspiration to strike you.

    Creative thinking is required at every level within companies and organizations.

    Yet, many of us sit down to play a creative hurry-up-and-wait game once or more per week when we sit down at our desks and it’s time to bring the best of what we have to offer to our work.

    We often enjoy living in a time with fewer boundaries and the ability to create dynamic futures of our own design; however, managing and encouraging creativity can be a personal and professional challenge for each of us.

    In my work, I’ve found that creativity is like many talents and skills, the more you understand and practice the better you can leverage your creativity how and when you need it. With time, sharing and exemplifying proven practices with other team members can help develop a group of truly creative minds that naturally support each other in a synergistic creative process.

    Two important factors that are most likely to influence creativity are our physiology and our state of mind. It may not be a surprise to find that these two factors also directly influence each other.

    When we find ourselves stalled out problem-solving or generating new ideas, it’s a good indicator that we might need to check-in with our bodies. Our energy might flow better if we step away, take a 5 minute break (this is when MBWA is especially useful!)complete an abbreviated workout, changeour posture, etc.

    The benefits of changing your physical energy may be just what your mind needs to break into some major new thinking or to formulate the last missing piece of your ‘memo’ puzzle.  If not, take 5 minutes to get centered, clear your mind, let go of any attachment, and remember to breathe.  You might also consider putting on music, listening to comedy, or checkingin with a friend or colleaguewho tends to be uplifting.

    Most often these techniques can clear the fog and bring back the creator vibes in 10 minutes or less. You might consider making them a regular practice to help keep the good vibes ever flowing.

    If you’re looking for more help to loosen up your creative juices, check out these 7 Types of Creative Blocks and What to do about them.

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