January 23, 2019


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    Beyond Boardroom DoorsJoy Pecchia is also the Founder of Beyond Boardroom Doors (BBD), a Minneapolis-based Executive Coaching, Strategic Consulting and Professional Skills Training Company, offering solutions and strategies for business growth plans or established corporate initiatives.

    BBD goes beyond conventional leadership concepts into the realities of achieving business acceleration, corporate growth, and professional and personal success.  Learn more at: http://BeyondBBD.com

    Leadership and Executive Coaching

    Utilizing leadership and executive coaching has never been more crucial!

    The leader is the heartbeat of any company, organization, department, or team. If your “leader-heart” is strong and in-tune with the leadership skills that your people need, then you, and they, will be well-positioned for success! Executive coaching and leadership development provides the support you need for results.

    How well is your leader-heart beating?

    Leadership and Executive Coaching is a critical success factor for your success, and a recognized “normal and natural” way for today’s leaders to approach their most important task—providing consistent leadership.

    BBD’s Leadership and Executive Coaching Programs bring new insights, renewed strength and a strong beat to your leader-heart!

    Strategic Consulting

    How to Reach Higher Levels of Success

    Leading your company is a pro-active and time-consuming responsibility. While many of your employees may be focused on daily or monthly tasks, your vision has to extend far into the future and deep into your organization.

    You take on that task willingly and consistently. You know that the decisions you make daily have far-reaching impact on your future, the quality of life of all your employees, your industry and community, and ultimately, the business world at large.

    What’s not to like?

    Well…possibly the challenge of working “on” your business when you may also be very involved working “in” your business.

    Beyond Boardroom Doors (BBD) is pleased to offer the business leadership consulting services that we know are the most significant for business leaders. We know what you need because we’ve listened to our hundreds of business leaders from around the world, in a variety of industries.

    We also recognize that working with a highly-regarded strategist and experienced business consultants can be a daunting proposition:

    • Will they be able to understand my company and our unique goals and challenges?
    • How long will it take (calendar and consulting hours) to achieve the outcomes I want?
    • Where does it end? I’ve had consultants who showed up and never seemed to leave!
    • When will I be able to “cut the cord”? Will we be able to go forward on our own?

    At BBD, we believe that we should both focus on the outcomes without wasting time “counting hours.”

    All of BBD’s business consulting services carry a fixed price and timeline that we will determine with you before we engage. With your clear expectations, and our 20+ years of experience in providing services, we can get down to business—the business of helping to ensure your success!

    Business Training Programs

    The ‘Speed-to-Advancement’ Training System is the highly-acclaimed business training program and coaching model of Beyond Boardroom Doors Inc. (BBD)

    BBD is an internationally-acclaimed leadership company that goes beyond conventional leadership concepts into the realities of achieving business acceleration, corporate growth, and professional and personal success.

    The development of human capital is critical to your success.

    Joy STA Book coverThe ‘Speed-to-Advancement’ (STA) System provides laser-focused and immediately-applicable knowledge, skills and abilities for:

    • Corporate Executives
    • Directors, Managers, Team Leaders and Team Members
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Business Coaches
    • All others who want to achieve their vision, their dreams, their successes

    Once upon a time, in a different, slower, less competitive time and place, people had the time and license to learn for the pure joy and immeasurable benefit of simply possessing the knowledge. That “place” of professional learning for the sake of learning is not here. Not in today’s business world.

    Today there is a different paradigm: different business drivers for initiating and maintaining professional training programs. Those drivers include the need for continuing personal and corporate growth, productivity, profitability, employee retention, customer satisfaction and sometimes— simply the ability to survive in a competitive business climate.

    Today, in our global, fast-paced business environment, all professional training is only as valuable as the participants’ ability to apply their knowledge, skills and abilities for themselves, their company and their clients.

    Beyond Boardroom Doors understands the need to bring you training programs and consulting services that are results-driven and designed to the objectives of YOUR business reality.

    Strategic Business Partners

    The New Wisdom—HR’s Visionary Role in Business

    go teamFinally! New Wisdom is focused on what we have always known! Human Resources Professionals are not only about benefit packages and forms, on-boarding new hires, and ensuring that their organizations and people are ‘compliant’.

    HR professionals are the Keepers of the Culture and this extends their influence and value well beyond the tactical requirements that have filled HR agendas for too long.

    The ART and Science of HR Strategic Partners—Quickly!

    Markets, employee requirements and processes—the speed at which your business requirements can change is (too often) ‘faster than a speeding bullet.’ It has to happen NOW!  TODAY! Your organization must be prepared to keep pace with and take advantage of those changes. You don’t want to be the victim of that speeding bullet!

    Sustained growth and profitability derives from organizational excellence, and organizational excellence requires both the art and science of HR Strategic Business Partners.

    We Hear You. We Have Been There, and Can Support Your Vision for Continuous Improvement!


    Contact Joy today to discuss any of BBD’s Programs and Services, and learn more at: http://BeyondBBD.com

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