December 10, 2018

Attaining Life Balance

Attaining Life Balance: Coach Help Me!  Looking for advice on finding life balance? In today’s world, you may often hear people talking about life balance, or about where to find the balance. What does balance look like? Is it possible to find it? Or is balance a place that is created in our minds, but […]

Put Down That Cape!

It is time that someone lets you know: There is no need to be a superhero! Yes, it is time to lay down your cape! What does that mean? It frees you up from doing it all! You don’t need to be everything to everyone. Seriously, this mentality will quickly send you spiraling out of […]

Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance As business professionals, we know that the strength of an organization depends on good leadership, strong practices and focused effort.  Just as important, is the time and dedication you apply to your health, well-being and life success. I like to call this the Business of Living. Today’s blog post guides you in […]

5 Proven Relaxation Techniques

5 Proven Relaxation Techniques Let’s face it – being a leader can be stressful, and I’ve certainly noticed it show up as a common conversation during coaching sessions. It seems that many people have been conditioned to believe that we must work hard to be successful. When in reality, many times hard work just creates […]

Five Myths and Truths of Time Management

Five Myths and Truths of Time Management How much are you really accomplishing every month – 25%, 50%, 75% of what you’d truly like to accomplish?  Are the same items on your list month after month?  That’s so tiring, isn’t it? We can all get stuck in the trap of ‘not enough time’.  Yet we […]

Don’t Burn the Midnight Oil

What can you do if you have a tendency to work too hard or too long? (The question is written as though you may not have this tendency. I’m just being polite. If you are a leader, you often do work too hard and too long!) The first remedy is to recognize the problem. Listen […]

Defend Your Time!

An “open-door” policy is excellent for encouraging communication and fostering relationships, but it can slam the door on your personal time management. Whether you work in an office, or a cubicle, you should be able to find some valuable tips to keep the door from slamming on your productivity clock. Summarizing from the start—learn to […]

Are you stuck in an overworking trap?

Are you stuck in an overworking trap? It happens all the time: executives, professionals, and business owners stuck in the trap of overworking. Maybe it’s because of our (mostly unproven) belief we have that the more we work the more successful we will become? Maybe it’s because (we think) our competition is working 10 hour […]

Newsflash: You Are Not a Superhero!

I really don’t want to be the one to burst your bubble, but someone has got to let you know: You are not a superhero! There, I said it. Now we can both breathe. In all seriousness, you really don’t need to do it all! You don’t need to be everything to everyone in your […]