December 17, 2018

New thinking gets Lean

Most leaders have at least one area of concern associated with their businesses that keeps them awake at night. To keep a finger on the pulse of what executive leaders are facing, the Executive Development Associates, Inc. conducts a survey every other year to understand the trends, growth, and evolution of executive development. The group […]

Leadership Independence

Few celebrations have the opportunity to teach us as much about leadership and independence as the 4th of July- when the USA celebrates our national independence. The historical significance, the innovative leadership behind the birth of our nation, and the continued call for courageous action towards the futures of ourselves, our communities, and the companies […]

The Leadership Gap – Building a Bridge

Everyday more corporate leaders are retiring. In fact, the U.S. is facing the retirement of 33 million baby boomers by 2020, leaving a rather large and potentially threatening leadership gap for businesses to fill. The process of filling the leadership gap will not accommodate the time commitment needed for training the next generation of leaders. […]

Making Training a Priority

Between the many emails, meetings, and random tasks that have not yet made it on a “to do” list, continuing to enhance your skills as a leader can be a difficult area to give focus. Whether you are responsible for developing yourself, or yourself and leaders in your company, having a plan to stay fresh […]

Leadership lessons from our Armed Services

Self-awareness comes from honestly assessing where you are, what is possible and your opportunity to create change.  We admire and look to businesses and organizations that have observed their own operations and seen opportunities to step up their game even when it seems daunting and success isn’t guaranteed. One organization that receives a great deal […]

Do What Your Mother Said… especially when running a company

On Sunday we will honor and celebrate the moms that helped us become the adults we are today. Growing up, our moms became so familiar to us that it was sometimes easy to brush off the mom-isms.  It becomes common practice if not a critical rite of passage into adolescence to think our moms are […]

New Survey Shows What’s Most Needed by Today’s Leaders

Korn Ferry, the world’s largest executive search firm, recent published the results of their new survey of 200 coaches about the challenges leaders most frequently face, and the skills leaders need to be equipped with when leading during every-changing business conditions. Survey respondents were asked to identify the top 10 most frequent coaching topics by […]

Please join Joy at the upcoming Meet Your Mentor event

Please join Joy at MEET YOUR MENTOR at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journals BIZWOMEN MENTORING MONDAY EVENT. The event will offer attendees the opportunity to choose from 40 mentors who are the most influential women in the community for one-on-one coaching sessions for seven minute conversations. When: Monday, March 30, 2015, 8:00am-10:00am Where: University of […]

Emotionally Intelligent (EI) Leadership Part 2

Image courtesy Companies that consistently beat the market excel in both dimensions of capability and capacity. However, most organizations excel in capability (process, technical skill, systems), but are weak in terms of capacity (purpose, leadership, cultures, ideas, energy). EI sits firmly in the capacity camp and is often overlooked in favor of building capability through […]

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Social Emotional Capacity is perhaps as much a determinant of leadership success as intelligence. On the negative side, research has shown that one’s ability to endure long periods of conflict is a major determinant in their success at work; stresses of work can create havoc to one’s self-esteem and sense of wholeness. On the other […]