December 10, 2018

What (or Who) is Managing Who (or What)?

What (or Who) is Managing Who (or What)? Recently, I heard from a gentleman who feels as though his business is managing him instead of the other way around.  He said that if he had to do it all again, he’s not sure if he would grow his business to the size it is now. […]

Defend Your Time!

An “open-door” policy is excellent for encouraging communication and fostering relationships, but it can slam the door on your personal time management. Whether you work in an office, or a cubicle, you should be able to find some valuable tips to keep the door from slamming on your productivity clock. Summarizing from the start—learn to […]

Don’t Mix Pizza and PowerPoints!

How many people do you know that regularly eat lunch at their desks.  Chew and  type…wipe the ketchup off the keyboard and answer another email…grab a bite of bagel or pizza and answer a call. Is this kind of multi-tasking efficient?  Maybe. (For sure, it’s messy and then you have to clean your desk in […]

Learn How to Reignite Passion in Business

Learn How to Reignite Passion in Business Have you lost your passion in business? Are you feeling burnt out and exhausted? At one point or another, even the most passionate business owners feel some sort of disconnect from their excitement about business. Sometimes this may be attributed to working too much, not having the right […]

Networking. Friend or Foe?

Networking. Friend or Foe? Would you agree with this? Networking is one of the most intimidating parts of business. Whether you are looking for new clients or a new job, it’s almost a “given” that you’ll be concerned about how you  should look, talk or act when you’re out there “among them”. However, regardless of […]

Two Essential Skills of Highly Effective Leaders

Two Essential Skills of Highly Effective Leaders Leadership seems to be the buzz word these days. In fact it appears that many of us are wondering what skills need developed to become highly effective leaders. Chances are you will receive a variety of thoughts on this subject. However, two of the most powerful skills are […]

How to Cultivate Business Passion From Your Team

How to Cultivate Business Passion From Your Team As a team leader are you creating passion from your team or dread? Creating a workplace that enables creativity and passion to flow is up to you–the leader. You may be thinking you are doing all the right things, but actually it is easy to slip into […]

Is Common Courtesy Lost for Good?

Has a world that is driven by technology caused us to forget what it means to be courteous or respectful? There is no denying that we are living in a fast moving world.  We can have pretty much anything we want at our fingertips in an instant. Through the expansion and development of technology, we […]